Biogas as vehicle fuel – market expansion to 2020


2004 - 2008


6th Framework Programme

Brief Description:

The overall goal of the BIOGASMAX project is to reduce dependency on oil, reduce greenhouse gases and direct emissions through increased and more efficient production, distribution and use of biogas in the transport sector generated from a wide variety of feedstock available in urban areas and regions in Europe. During the 4-year life of the project, BIOGASMAX aims to prove the technical reliability, cost-effectiveness, environmental and societal benefits of biogas fuels; perform large-scale demonstrations to optimise industrial processes, experiment and benchmark new and near-to market techniques and expand biogas fleets; identify and assess ways to remove technical, operational, organisational/institutional barriers, which can inhibit or prevent alternative motor fuels and energy efficient vehicles from entering the market; spread knowledge about experience and results to European cities and stakeholders with emphasis on New Member States (NMS), so as to enhance the market acceptance of biogas as an alternative motor fuel.

Service Provided:

Development of the project BIOGASMAX, proposal preparation and negotiation with the European Commission

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