Sustainable Urban Development Planner for Climate Change Adaptation


2010 - 2013


7th Framework Programme (FP7)

Brief Description:

The SUDPLAN project aims at developing an easy-to-use web-based planning, prediction, decision support and training tool, for the use in an urban context, based on a what-if scenario execution environment, which will help to assure population's health, comfort, safety and life quality as well as sustainability of investments in utilities and infrastructures within a changing climate. This tool is based on an innovative and visionary capacity to link, in an ad-hoc fashion, existing environmental simulation models, information and sensor infrastructures, spatial data infrastructures and climatic scenario information in a service-oriented approach, as part of the Single Information Space in Europe for the Environment (SISE). It will provide end users with 3D modeling and simulation as well as cutting edge highly interactive 3D/4D visualization, including visualisation on real 3D hardware. The tool includes the SUDPLAN Scenario Management System with three so-called Common Services. The latter will allow downscaling of regional climate change model results to a spatial and temporal scale useful for urban planning in whatever European city. SUDPLAN Common Services include gridded information on present and future extreme rainfall, temperature, river runoff, air pollution and social dynamics as function of climate change Through innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT), SUDPLAN contributes to the Single Information Space in Europe for the Environment (SISE), provides new perspectives for a distributed service market, reinforces European leadership in the research area and fosters the capacity to cope with climate change impacts in urban environments.

Service Provided:

Support of proposal preparation and strategic support to project management, reporting and dissemination

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