An advanced weather radar network for the Baltic Sea


2008 - 2013


INTERREG IVB - Baltic Sea Region

Brief Description:

This project is co-funded by the INTERREG IVB Baltic Sea Region Programme and will develop an innovative ICT-System to collect, process and integrate data originating from national weather radar systems. Thus, BALTRAD will contribute the mechanisms by which weather radar data will be exchanged among European Weather Services. Additionally, a critical element of this project will be the creation of functionality for processing data using harmonized methods throughout the Baltic Sea Region, thereby giving each country in the region the ability to process its own and others' data according to its own needs, and mitigating regional capacity imbalances. This project will contain so-called "pilots" which will demonstrate the end-to-end value of BALTRAD. Such a "pilot" is an independent end user whose activities should benefit from receiving the radar-based information, in e.g. optimized traffic management, road clearing of snow (including reduced salt loads), aviation (de-icing), improved flood forecasting, and crisis management. Technology developed by and for the BSR will also be transferable outside the region, to the rest of Europe where it may be implemented as part of WMO Information System (WIS).

Service Provided:

Proposal co-ordination and technical and administrative support to project management

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