Common information to European air


2008 - 2011



Brief Description:

CITEAIR II is geared to support European Cities and Regions in their efforts to better manage the Air Quality and to cope with Climate Change. The project develops tools to provide an easy understandable, up-to-date and comparable information on air quality, urban traffic and greenhouse gases emissions for the general public in European Cities. Building on the results of the CITEAIR project conducted from 2004-2008 it further develops and promotes the 1st European Air Quality Index, develops a traffic/congestion indicator and develops methods for an urban air quality forecast with different levels of complexity to address the different circumstances and boundary conditions in Europe. The tools will be jointly developed and tested and will be ready for implementation in a large number of European Cities.

Service Provided:

Proposal co-ordination and project management of CITEAIR II project.

Project Website: