More options for energy efficient mobility through Car-Sharing


2008 - 2011


Intelligent Energy Europe Programme

Brief Description:

The key objective of MOMO is to contribute significantly to sustainable mobility patterns by establishing a mobility culture which is based on using various transport options instead of car ownership. Car-Sharing has a great, but mostly unexploited, potential in Europe. Being a kind of decentralised car-rental service, Car-Sharing complements the sustainable transport modes of walking, cycling and Public Transport - thus giving an alternative to car-ownership without any restriction on individual mobility. With Car-Sharing as a market-based service, transport can be organised more rationally and more resource-efficiently. The MOMO project wants to increase awareness, to improve the service of Car-Sharing and to increase the energy-efficiency within the existing Car-Sharing operations. The MOMO consortium is composed of municipalities, Car-Sharing operators, research organisations, energy agencies and the International Public Transport Organisation UITP. Eight European countries are directly represented by the MOMO partners, but MOMO wishes to gain interest and awareness all over Europe.

Service Provided:

Support of proposal preparation and strategic support to project management and reporting

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